Monday, April 13, 2015

Where I go for nourishment and inspiration

     I loved reading Patty's blog about "a professional posse." The delightful thing about teaching today is that you can literally surround yourself with colleagues near and far and feel as if you have a very intimate circle. As I thought further, I began thinking about the various websites and blogs that continue to inform and inspire me, the ones that continually raise my level of thinking. The second part of my "professional posse." The ones that tell me which books I need to read now, which people I have to pay attention to on Twitter and which organizations are pushing the work forward in profound ways.

     So, a few of my essentials

1) The Reading Year —

     It is the place I always rely on to give me the most up to date books and ways in which they are being used in the classroom. I love how Franki and Mary Lee are steeped in best practices and show authentic ways they are using literature in their classrooms. The blog is newsy and their voices resonate. I immediately know which books I want to check out of the library and which new authors, poets and illustrators I need to explore.

     Thank you for your joyful manner and wisdom!

2) Teachers College Reading and Writing Project —

     Lucy Calkins and her splendid team have transformed the way I think about literacy over the past 20 years. Not only is their website chock full of great videos, assessments and reading lists, but timely information about upcoming conferences and institutes as well. The website is a font of information for teachers at all levels of the profession, whether you are a novice or have been teaching for 25 years.

     Thank you for making me always think about the art and craft of teaching.

3) The Twitter world —

     I remember when my friend and colleague, Carol Olson, told me that Twitter would change my life and provide instant professional development. Oh my gosh, I had no idea! Not only do I have great people and organizations to follow, but also I can listen in on chats, hear about timely conversations on grit and think about how mindfulness fits into a child's day.


     Thank you for allowing me to work on numerous initiatives at one time—in a timely way.

     Have I mentioned that I am able to do this from the comfort of my home, share my findings with others and continue to find time to push myself as a learner?

     Tell us where you go when you want to be nourished.

– Bev.

     Oh yes—my latest discovery:

Wow, what a website!