About Us

One could say that this blog started fifteen years ago, even though blogs didn't exist then. Bev. and Patty met in Bev's classroom, and as kindred spirits who had such similar ideas about the teaching of reading and writing, began working and thinking and learning together. But the work just started there.

Over the years, Bev. and Patty have collaborated in so many ways and the ideas started growing. And although the ideas have changed and evolved and grown, they have always come back to the big idea and the question, What matters most in teaching and in learning and with students?

Over the past fifteen years, education has changed, and the pendulum has swung wildly, and there have been times where Bev. and Patty have been equally invigorated, inspired, and discouraged.

And so in those moments, they reached out to talk, or email or gchat, or meet at their favorite place for lunch. And through this collaboration, they have pushed each other's thinking and reminded each other of what.matters.most.

This blog is the continuation of that learning. Bev. and Patty are excited to have you with them in their adventure!

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